Differential Pressure Smart Sensor


Smart Sensor for differential pressure from -100 to 100 Pa.

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  • Connector
  • 4 Wires

460,00 € tax incl.

Digital sensor suitable for measuring the differential pressure in two different environments. Ideal for clean rooms, operating sales, laboratories. Equipped with pipe for connection to systems and to reach both environments. To allow the sensor to measure correctly, the pipes must be connected to the 2 inputs on the sensor, or in only one, the other is free. This Smart Sensor is able to detect differential pressures from -100 Pa to +100 Pa, with a resolution of 0.01 Pa. It does not require the passage of air.

Accredia traceable calibration certificate is included (standard calibration points: -100/0/100 Pa).

(note: the final product may be different from some designs in the pictures)


Temperature Range 0°C ÷ +50°C
Pressure Range -100 Pa ÷ +100 Pa
Pressure resolution 0,1 Pa
Pressure accuracy ±2% typical a 25°C; ±2,5% max.
Pressure standard calibration points -100 / 0 / 100 Pa
Pressure extra calibration points Within the range -100 Pa ÷ +100 Pa
Pressure sensor type With no air flow passage
Dimensions 43 X 22 X 11 (mm)
Connection cable length 10 cm
Supply voltage 3.3 V
Pressure operative range 25 bar absolute max

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